Styling Work/Professional Wear

Let's be honest. Workwear is the most boring thing to wear. But, it doesn't have to be. There's much more to workwear than a suit and white button-down. Let's learn how to break boundaries without breaking the rules. Styling tips and inspo are below. 


1. Tops

If you must wear a white shirt to work there are so many style alternatives but don't ever be afraid to add some color to your workwear. A few types are below:

  • Button-down: I know, I know. It's boring, but it's classic and clean. A button-down can be paired with so many bottom options, which is the biggest plus. 
  • Peplum: My favorite type of shirt is a peplum its professional, but it's stylish. It also covers your stomach, which is my problem area and a place that you should be very conscious of when going into the workplace. It gives you room for your neck to breathe, unlike a button-down. I'm wearing a peplum in the picture above. 
  • Turtlenecks: This is my least favorite to wear, but it protects you in the colder seasons and it's a great layering piece. 
  • Bodysuits: I know you're probably thinking "What the heck? Um, no." But, have you ever worn a button down and raised your arms and it instantly bulges out of your pants, not a good look. Bodysuits are so fashionable nowadays that you can even find a button-down bodysuit and no one would ever know. Bodysuits are way more comfortable than any shirt if you ask me. You won't ever have to worry about retucking in your shirt ever again. 

2. Bottoms

Bottoms should be the most conservative in my opinion. Bottoms tie everything together and keep the structure of the outfit on point. Different types of pants that will work for any professional setting are below:

  • Straight-leg: Straight-leg pants are the typical type of pants to wear to work. They are perfect to me. They easily show your shoes and make you look slim. 
  • Wide-leg: My favorite pair of pants to wear are wide-leg pants they make your look flirty and fun. They also can cover your feet if you don't want your shoes to be seen. 
  • Flare: A flare-leg pant is a straight and wide-leg pant combined. It gives you that fitted look at the top and bigger look at the bottom. If you want something figure framing but fun at the bottom this is the perfect pant for you. 
  • Skirts: Skirts make any woman feel like more of a woman. Just make sure it's below the knees. You can wear a straight, skater, or peplum skirt, and totally shut the office down. 

3. Full Coordinates, Especially Suits and Dresses

Coordinates, suits, and dresses are perfect go-to's when getting dressed for work. Styling ideas are below:

  • Layering: Adding layers to your professional wear will help you feel less boring. Layering will allow you to add that pop of color and/or pattern to your outfit. You can layer with a sweater, cardigan, blazer, jacket, and/coat. 
  • Colors: Colors are totally your discretion, if you want to be bold, go ahead. Of course, I encourage you to be bold. But, the most acceptable colors are burgundy, navy blue, black, white, ivory, taupe, cream, tan, light grey, and dark grey, which are very neutral colors that don't bring too much attention but can be styled to perfection. 
  • Patterns: The three most popular patterns that I've witnessed in the workplace are floral, striped, and paisley. These patterns are easy to style, they aren't overwhelming,  and they bring just enough pizzaz. These patterns can be worn from top to bottom, separately, and even on an accessory. 

4. Accessories

Speaking of accessories, these can make any outfit unique. Yes, you may have to wear a suit but accessories will allow you to add your own flare to your professional wear. 

  • Belts: Belts are just amazing because they make you look slimmer and they can stand out or blend in. And lately, the trend is to wear huge oversized belts. But instead of wearing the belt above your hips, it should be around your waist with a blazer. That was a style tip, FYI. 
  • Hair/Nails: Add a little flavor to your fit with hair accessories and colorful nails, if possible. If you wear a sleek ponytail or bun, add some gold or silver bobby pins/clips on the side of your head. Add designs to your nails. DO NOT WEAR RED NAILS TO WORK. To me, it's too sexy and it may promote something that you don't want it to promote. 
  • Jewelry: Jewelry can be tricky. It honestly depends on where you work, your tasks, and your position. I say if you can go all out and wear huge jewelry, wear it. But, make sure there's a balance. If you're wearing a huge necklace, wear a simple ring or bracelet, and vice versa. 
  • Purse/Bag: Purses and bags can be a statement piece as well. It's easier for you to pull off any look with a bold purse because you won't be walking around with it all day, so your boss can't say it's overwhelming or too much. So, why not go all out? Get the biggest, most outrageous bag you have and rock it to work tomorrow, I promise it will make you feel so much better about your outfit. You won't blend in anymore and that's a good thing. 
Shirt: H&M, Pants (Jumpsuit): Zara, Clutch: Missguided, Heels: Ego Official 

Shirt: H&M, Pants (Jumpsuit): Zara, Clutch: Missguided, Heels: Ego Official 

5. Shoes

Shoes can be a statement piece as well. You can keep it simple or let them be that pop of color. Closed-toe is preferred in the workplace, but if you prefer open-toe then that's perfect as well. I prefer open-toe no matter how hot or cold it is outside. The style of a shoe can be a deal breaker in any outfit. In the workplace, if you want to stand out, wear a pointy-toe heel, they are easier to notice especially if you have on pants. Single-strapped shoes are very noticeable if you wear a skirt or dress. 

6. Outerwear

Now, when it comes to outerwear, it totally depends on the weather, of course. But, a trench coat is the perfect type of outerwear for any professional look, now jacket wise I always suggest a blazer. Blazers are known for being the ultimate business jacket. You can color coordinate or color block with these two pieces, either way, they will definitely tie your professional look together. 

I found the perfect inspo page for professional wear. These are definitely nine office chic fashion bloggers you should know. They even made me want to revamp the workwear in my closet. Check it out.