Full-Time Job, Full-Time Blogger. How?


I recently read a blog post from "BrooklynPetite" where she talks about "Working A Full Time Job While Still Blogging" and the post is very interesting. What was even more interesting was the backlash that she received on social media from the post and her opinion. She simply stated that she believes that you can do both, actually that you should do both, you can have a full-time job and follow your dreams full-time as well until you are financially stable enough quit your day job. She inspired me to speak about my 9 to 5 experience while blogging full-time. 

Okay, so here it goes. I've never had a 9 to 5. Yep, you heard me correctly. Never. To be honest, my hours have always been all over the place. I've worked retail since I was 15 years old and if you've ever worked retail you may know that your schedule must be flexible and open, very open. That's pretty much how I've been living for the past decade, which is fine by me. I've worked anywhere from 2-hour shifts to 14-hour shifts. I worked in small companies and huge companies. I've traveled, I've opened stores from the ground up, I've done it all. Now, I am a manager, which requires even more time, love, and care. What has kept me in retail is my love for fashion, clothes, and styling. 

So, how do I make it work? Well. I just do. When you want something and you're passionate about it, you'll figure it out. That's exactly what I do. I have a pretty flexible management team, yes it gets crazy, but I've been in retail so long that I know what to expect. 

1. I shoot during the week. I'm sure any blogger and photographer can relate that the best time to shoot is during a weekday where there aren't too many people, everyone is at work, and children are in school. It's easier for me to get a weekday off rather than a weekend. I usually start shooting in the morning. This allows me to make it home before rush hour. 

2. I plan, organize, and write on Sundays. Sundays are short days for me since stores close early. So, I take that time out to plan my days, weeks, even months. I'm able to look at the weather and see what outfits I'm going to wear. I can also engage with my followers to see what they want me to talk about. 

3. I pay all of my bills with my first paycheck of each month. This relieves me from anxiety and it allows me to focus on how much I can spend on events, photography, and potential outfits for my blog. 

4. I live by my planner. I think everyone should have a planner. I literally have to write every important thing down in order to remember it. I write down my appointments, blog posts, photoshoots, events, days to shop, days to scout for places to shoot, etc. I have to write my work schedule and days that I need to take off. I cant plan too much in one day because of my anxiety and energy, which I'll talk about in a later post. 


5. I write my blog posts randomly during the week. Pretty much any day I have off. I know this may not work for every blogger, but it works for me because of my anxiety, I have to write based on how I feel. Some days I can push through a blog post, some days I just don't have it in me. 

6. I don't overwork myself. This is the most important thing for me to follow. I have to allow myself to have a break from it all. Yes, I'm working on being consistent with blogging, but there's a big difference between being consistent and being consumed. The moment I feel consumed with my work, I stop. I put the phone down, I put the computer down, and I come back to it when I'm ready. I work at my own pace, on my own time and that's what I truly love about my full-time job and being a full-time blogger. 

So, yes. I agree with Veronica. A full-time job or a job is needed to support your dreams until you don't need it anymore. To be honest, I've been with and without a job. And, I must say, having a job gets "the job" done especially as a full-time blogger. It eases my mind and financial needs. You have to have a way to invest into your dreams and passions and I'm not sitting around that kind of money, not yet at least. So, whatever your hustle is just make sure you have a plan, especially a Plan B and make sure that you can protect yourself if anything should happen. 

Keep following your dreams, don't be afraid to fail, and stay grounded. Anything is possible.