What Would You Say To Yourself Five Years Ago?

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Hey, girl. So you think you went through your biggest heartbreak in highschool? Yeah, no. You'll have plenty more of those, plus more pain. Pain from deaths, relationships, friendships, school, financial strains, etc. But the pain that you will endure will only push you and drive you towards greatness. No matter how many anxiety attacks or doctors/therapists telling you that you suffer from depression and mental abuse, you'll get through it by simply putting all of that negative energy into hard work. Your blood, sweat, and tears will get you through undergraduate and graduate school and will place you right where you need to be. You'll be starting your career as a blogger/YouTuber right after you graduate with your Masters degree in Entertainment Business. Your business plan will be ready for any investor to see. You will realize that school is a piece of cake and the real world is no joke. But, there is no battle that you cannot win.

Through all of the pain, you will realize that a few things stay the same, your bestfriends, your good friends, your family, and your parents. Even though they are in separate groups they all come together and support you at any given moment. They will always care for you and have your back. New friends will also come into your life, and they will be amazing as well. So all of the temporary things and people won't matter. And, yes, I know it's going to be hard for you to let go of being nice, caring, and loving. But, you have to be selfish sometimes. Once you start being selfish, which will literally take you five years to learn how to do, you will be the happiest woman on earth. Yes, you will be stressed because you're simply trying to make it without steering away from being your true self. Those "get rich quick" schemes, will only make you lose focus on what really matters to you and what you want to do for the rest of your life. Plans that you've made in the past will come to life. No man or woman will be able to stop you from shining. So continue to work hard, but also have fun learning how to maneuver through this thing called "life." Keep blocking the negativity as much as you can because the world is going to continue to get ugly, but I promise you, you will be that light at the end of the tunnel. Open up baby girl, face your fears, believe in yourself, and don't ever give up. It will pay off eventually.

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