The Perfect Thigh High Boots For Thick Thighs


Have you ever walked in a shoe store, tried on a boot, and wasn’t able to get it on, literally, the boot wouldn’t slide on or zip up? Yes? Me too.

If you suffer from not being able to wear boots that come pass your ankles because your calves and/or thighs are too big, you are not alone. There are so many women struggling with this problem, and I am one of them. But, this past week I found the perfect thigh-high boot that can definitely be dressed up or down. Here’s me styling them as well as sharing other thigh-high boots that compliment thick thighs.



When looking for thigh high boots that will compliment thicker calves and thighs you have to look for certain materials that stretch. These boots are made from 100% polyurethane, which is usually used to make faux leather or imitation suede. Polyurethane is a stretchy, durable, abrasion resistant material that is soft, light, and breathable. These boots are exactly that. They are so comfortable, and they literally are are THIGH HIGH! I am 5’2” and these boots cover my entire leg. They stretch so much, but snap back and adhere to your thigh and calf size. They are very easy to walk in, plus the square toe makes it so easy for your toes to relax and breathe. I know heels can be a pain, but these are a game changer.

I wore these boots with a floral off-the-shoulder dress. This is a great outfit to wear when transitioning from summer to fall. The dress is very lightweight and can be paired with a denim and/or leather jacket. It was pretty hot this day, so I wore it on its own. You can also dress these boots down and wear an oversized t-shirt dress.



What are your thoughts on these boots? And how would you wear them?

Until next time.