The Power Of A Monochromatic Look

First, let's start with what monochromatic means. “Mono” means single, and “chromatic” means color. No, this doesn’t mean that you have to wear one single color, but it means that your outfit will reflect different shades and hues of one color. I know, sounds boring right? Actually, it’s the total opposite.

Skirt: Missguided, Skirt:  GRAYSCALE , Shoes: Charlotte Russe

Skirt: Missguided, Skirt: GRAYSCALE, Shoes: Charlotte Russe

Wearing one color is far from boring. Wearing a single shade brings a cleaner approach to creating any outfit. Wearing one color is actually just as impactful as wearing bold pattern.  When thinking of pulling off a monochromatic look you may think you have one simple step, which is choosing a color, but that is the least of your worries. The elements you should focus on are texture, silhouettes/cuts, and styling. This is just as simple as picking the color.

See how simple it is to pull off the powerful single-hue style.

The best thing about wearing a monochromatic look is that you can literally choose any color you want.

For example, if you choose the color red, you’ll either go dark or light. So, let's say you go dark, you can start with maroon wide-leg pants, you can top it off with a crimson blouse, and a burgundy trench coat. You can even add burgundy accessories like a scarf, earmuffs, and burgundy shoes.

Speaking of the color red, here’s how I pulled off a red monochromatic look.

As you can see, I stuck with one shade of a color, which is what I usually do when wearing a monochromatic look. Let's get more in-depth with the styling process and tips that I used that you can use as well.

1.    Choose a staple piece. Choosing a staple piece can definitely make building a monochromatic look very easy.  Pick the one outstanding piece of clothing that will make someone look twice at your outfit. My skirt is definitely my staple piece. It’s a very interesting shape and material, which made it easy to add onto.


2.    Mix Textures. 

I know I mentioned this above, but this is truly the key to a perfect monochromatic look. With an outfit that portrays one color, it can be very dull. Texture adds dimension. With my outfit, the skirt was the point of interest. The shiny texture gave life to my entire outfit. The silky shirt made my outfit very sexy and feminine and the heels are suede, which added a bit of ruggedness to the outfit.

3.    Balance.

Remember not to let the color or pieces be overwhelming or drain you. You need balance when combining pieces in any outfit. For example, if you are wearing an oversized sweater, pair it with a slimming bottom such as skinny jeans or trousers. This will make you look proportional. You don’t want to look too bulky, but you also don’t want to look to slim either. 

4.    Silhouette.

This is key. You always want to accentuate the right areas of your body with the perfect color and texture. Also, pay attention to how light or dark certain pieces are.  Any part of your body that you want to hide or deemphasize you would wear a darker piece, and any part that you want to accentuate you would wear a lighter color.

Monochromatic outfits are just the way to go. They are simple, easy, but they also test your creativity. Try it and see!

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