The Bigger The Coat, The Better

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As we all know, coats are a must-have during the colder seasons. This season, oversized, extremely voluminous coats are a trend that keeps emerging. Regardless of the pattern, color, or texture, the style creates an effortless look that is definitely an eye-catcher.

I am truly a sucker for anything oversized, especially a coat. An oversized coat can bring together any look for the fall because of its basic design. It’s almost a huge contradiction because the coat brings such a simple touch to an outfit because of it being so over over-the-top, in size. The size is the biggest perk of it all. Regardless, you will never be cold again, not this winter, next winter, nor the winter after that. You can dress it up or down, layer under it, or simply wear it alone. There are so many options.

But, the newest trend is to wear the coat on its own, pretty much as a dress. This trend has been seen on runways multiple times, especially recently at NYFW. I fell in love, and thought “why not?” Literally, why not just throw on a huge oversized coat and walk out the door. It’s very chic, very extra, and pretty spectacular if you ask me.

See below how I took this trend and made it my own, with a coat I truly fell in love with the first time I laid eyes on it.

This amazingly huge coat is from H&M. It’s so fluffy, soft, and warm. I am wearing a size ten. I tend to reach for the bigger sizes in anything especially if it’s oversized because I want it to look even more oversized on me. It’s a very decent price for a coat this large, and the color is just to die for.

I decided to dress it up with a heel from Charlotte Russe, but dressing it down would’ve been cool too. I would’ve paired it with an all white converse or some Balenciaga Sock Runners.

Let me know what you would do. Dress it up or down?

Below are some more amazing oversized beauties that should be in your closet as we speak.

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