If I Were A Boy

As a woman, I know it’s hard to try to find that perfect outfit for any occasion. You want to find an outfit that’s figure flattering, sexy, feminine, and that makes you feel beautiful. But, what if you threw all of that out of the window.  Yes, and started thinking like a man. Literally, walked into your mans closet and created an outfit. Trust me it’s the way to go, here are four reasons why:

1. Oversized

The biggest perk is that everything is oversized, so you don’t have to worry about your figure, if you look fat or if you look skinny because no one will be able to tell.

2. Simple

Men have so many simple pieces that can be dressed up or down. And as females we have the power to add-on , literally accessorizing is our thing. So, that basic tee will work in our favor when we add on the perfect oversized coat, or even thigh high boots.

3. Staples Pieces

Men always have an endless supply of t-shirts, tees, flannels, hoodies, and coats. This is an advantage because these items can be used as staple pieces. You can make any of these pieces stand out or incorporate them together, especially this fall. Layering is perfect for the season.

4. Transition Pieces

Men also have the best transition pieces because the pieces are so simple, but staples in any wardrobe. So, you can wear a flannel and your boyfriend’s jeans with converse during the day and switch it up and put on a pair of single strap heels for date night. You can even take the jeans off and put on shorts and thigh high boots. Very easy to style.


Take a look above to see how I decided to dress like a boy.

As you can see I decided to dress it up and put on heels. These heels are from Charlotte Russe. My entire outfit is from H&M. 

Below are flannels that you can make look good on any day. You can also check this look out on Instagram.

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