How To Effectively Deal With Stress

As of right now, I am currently the most stressed I have ever been in a while. There's a lot of things that I am juggling right now, and it can get very overwhelming. So, I figured I would channel all of this built up frustration, and negative energy; put it towards something positive, and see if this will even help me. A few tips on how to deal with stress are below.

1. Breathe

Literally, just breathe. Take a second and just let it out. Trust me, it helps, especially because I have severe anxiety. Like right now, I feel like I'm going to have an anxiety attack or just a meltdown in general. But, taking deep breaths slows my heart rate, releases toxins from my body, and gives me energy. 

Here is an actual breathing exercise that will help you relax. 

2. Call a loved one.

Don't just call anyone. Call someone who you love, and that loves you. Call someone who can relate, who will listen, and show you that they understand. Calling my one of my bestfriend's definitely helps me feel better in any situation because I know that they will be honest, but will also let me know that everything is going to be okay. And, if you ever feel alone there are different hotlines to call. No seriously, call if you are alone and feel like you can't deal with your issues. 

3. Make a plan.

Most of the time I get overwhelmed because my life is just unorganized at that moment. I hate feeling like I'm not in control of my life, or what's going on. So, I plan ahead to fix any issues, or feelings of uncertainty. For example, if you are stressed about a bill that is coming up in a month... get a planner, and literally plan out day by day, how you plan on paying this bill. Write how much you will save a day, or just prioritize what needs to be bought and what can wait until after the bill is paid. 


4. Write it out.

I have always been an antisocial, guarded person. So, no one really knows when I am going through something, which is bad. But, if you are like me, and you just don't ever feel the need to truly express your emotions, especially to others, write it out. Write down every single emotion that you are feeling, and at the end read it and literally talk to yourself to figure out how you can make the situation(s) better. You can even make a pro's and con's list. It works trust me. 

5. Cry.

Haha. I bet you weren't expecting this one, but yes. Cry. Let it out, with your snotty, runny nose, and red eyes. It is a proven fact that 88.8% of people feel better after crying, and it makes sense. Crying takes a lot of energy, so you're releasing so much from your body, especially toxins and bacteria. 

Side Note: My "ex" taught me how to stop myself from crying one night because my tears just wouldn't stop. It was simple, I was told to get up and get some water. It is impossible to cry and drink water at the same time. I guess it's helpful to be in the medical field. 

6. Read a book.

No, I'm not trying to be sarcastic. Literally, read a book... a good book. Reading a good book takes my mind off of what is going on in my life, and usually, I get so trapped into what I'm reading that I forget about all of my problems. You can also place yourself in the shoes of any character, that helps me also. Try not to read a sad book because that will most likely make you even sadder. 

7. Pray.

It doesn't matter who you pray to, but just pray. I am a very spiritual person, so this really helps me get myself together, and truly calm down. Just be sure to act on the things you pray for. If you pray for peace in your life, just make sure you're not the one causing the ruckus. Be the example of what you pray for. Work for what you pray for. 

This made me feel a lot better, and I hope it did the same for you.

Comment below some ways you cope with stress.